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12th Apr 2015

Raheem Sterling caught up in snake charming controversy

This Charming Man...

Nooruddean Choudry

Raheem Sterling was at the centre of a new storm today as reports emerged of the ace partaking in the ancient practice of snake charming.

The Mirror were the first to uncover the venomous expose but mistakenly assumed that the 20-year-old was puffing on a shisha pipe.

However, we can reveal that the salary adder-upper was taking part in the latest bored footballer craze of reptile hypnotism.

Brendan Rodgers is said to be spitting mad and will be asping the young starlet to put an end to his dangerous hobby immediately.

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Sterling is less than pleased to be constricted in such a way and feels it is partly due to him saying fangs but no fangs to a new contract deal.

The bombshell will anger disgruntled Liverpool fans, and only serve to confirm their suspicions that the player is a snake in the grass.

It seems more and more serpent that Sterling will have to find another club soon as his Liverpool career looks to be hisstory.