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05th Aug 2016

Rafa Benitez’s magic hands make a return to Sky Sports


Carl Anka

Rafa Benitez is undoubtedly one of football’s good ones.

Since signing a new three year contract with Newcastle, the Spaniard has made waves among the Geordie faithful, reshaping the team into a leaner, more dedicated outfit as they embark on a new season in the Championship.

That the man cancelled his summer holiday to further integrate himself in Newcastle, appearing at community events and working on links with the Newcastle Ladies team, only underlines his good nature.

If you’ll forgive our choice of words, Rafa Benitez is something special.

This was further proved in the first half of Newcastle’s Championship match with Fulham, when Rafa’s magic hands made an appearance.

Niche football fans will of course remember when Rafa managed to pull off a similar trick back when he was Liverpool manager.


The man loves a high press, and Sky love to throw up a graphic when he calls for one.

Is this an early indication that Rafa has the tactical chops to take Newcastle out of the Championship and back into the Premier League?

Well, we’re not one to make dramatic conclusions off six seconds of footage that’s only tangentially related to football, but: Maybe.

(We’re just glad to have football back.)