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10th Nov 2018

Radio station to put on special broadcast of Copa Libertadores final for people with heart conditions

A South American radio station will put on a special broadcast of the Copa Libertadores final for those with heart conditions, with calm commentary

Reuben Pinder

Derbies are tense occasions, and this is as tense as they come

For the first time ever, Boca Juniors and River Plate will meet in the final(s) of the Copa Libertadores, with the first leg taking place tonight at La Bombonera.

The Buenos Aires rivals have never met in the final of the competition before, and with so much at stake, the ‘superclásico’ is set to be an incredibly tense affair with an electric atmosphere.

All football fans will know that both cup finals and derbies can get the heart racing, let alone playing a derby in a final. But of course, for some people, it’s no laughing matter. The tension created by the occasion can be dangerous for those with heart conditions.

During the World Cup we saw Argentine hero Diego Maradona collapse after a late Marcos Rojo goal ensured that Argentina made it out of their group, and many people could suffer similar consequences if these Superclásicos provide equally emotional moments.

As a precaution, Radio Colonia, a Uruguayan station which is hugely popular in Buenos Aires, will put on a special broadcast for listeners who suffer from heart conditions.

The commentary will be performed in a calmer manner – meaning no ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL’ shouts – cardiologists’ recommendations will be given throughout the match, while relaxing music is played in the background.

Commentators will not dramatise dangerous attacks, with the intention of lowering the heart rate of both teams’ fans.

Eduardo Caimi and Leonardo Uranga will be tasked with commentating on tonight’s game, and will be accompanied by cardiologist Gonzalo Díaz Babio.

Listeners will not be able to hear the fans’ songs, nor the atmospheric noises coming from within La Bombonera – just the soothing tones of the commentary duo and ‘zen’ music.