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23rd Apr 2020

QUIZ: Tell us the original names of these football teams

Wayne Farry

A lot can change in over a century

In the space of a hundred years, the world can become recognisable. Moustaches can go from being fashionable to only being worn one month a year. Cars can go from one model and one colour to a lot more than that, and yes – even football clubs can change.

Football, like anything else in our world, is not a constant. It is in a constant state of flux, meaning what is the case now may not be so in a century, or even less time. I guess, what I’m trying to say while hitting the requisite word count, is that football teams’ names have changed over time.

For every [insert city name] United/City/Albion/Wanderers there was potentially another word in its place before. That’s where this quiz will test your knowledge.

We’ve got 10 questions on original football team names here. Do your best, though I suspect five will be a good score.

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