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Can you name every UFC champion in 2016?
Harder than it sounds

If you can name every single fighter to hold a UFC belt inside one round, you probably need to leave your house more often.

With so many belts changing hands and a few interim straps thrown in for good measure, 2016 felt like the year of the belt in the UFC.

In total, 21 fighters in the promotion to held either a UFC title or an interim UFC title between January 1 and December 31 last year. Name all of them in under five minutes and you'll win the greatest prize of all - the satisfaction of having listed 21 names in under 300 seconds.

Ain't no better thrill than that.

N.B. If you get an answer wrong the quiz might end or it might not... just to keep you on your toes. Full names only please, there are a lot of Johnsons in the UFC.


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