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10th Feb 2018

QUIZ: Name every Arsenal No. 9 in the Premier League era

Even for Arsenal fans, this isn't easy

Robert Redmond

This isn’t easy, even for Arsenal fans.

Almost every club has a jersey number with a storied history.

Manchester United has number seven, Liverpool has number seven and number nine and Dennis Bergkamp made Arsenal’s number 10 iconic.

However, Arsenal’s number nine jersey has something of a checkered history.

Some very good players have wore it for the Gunners, but a few forgettable faces, who failed to make a mark at either Highbury or the Emirates, have put it on. Which should make this quiz tricky.

Can you name every Arsenal number nine of the Premier League era?

There are 11 players in total, and to make it slightly easier we’ve included the seasons in which the respective player wore the jersey.

You have five minutes. Good luck, and let us know how you do.

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