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15th Dec 2020

QUIZ: Name all 50 of these Football Italia era players

Simon Lloyd

Campionato. Di calcio. Italiano.

If, like us, you remember a time – not that long ago – when Italian football ruled the world, this is definitely the kind of thing you’ll willingly waste away the next couple of minutes of your day on. If it isn’t, well, you’re here now, so you might as well give it a go anyway.

Between 1992 and 2002, Serie A was, without argument, the best league in the world; home to the best players in the world. At a time when most of us on these shores were becoming accustomed to paying money for the privilege of watching the teams we supported on Sky Sports, Channel 4 offered a welcome alternative. For a couple of hours every weekend, Football Italia allowed us to watch televised football from Italy’s top flight, all for free.

The show, fronted by James Richardson, gained iconic status amongst UK football fans. Players that might have only surfaced on our radar in a World Cup or the latter stages of the European Cup, were on our screens every week.

This quiz pays homage to the Football Italia years, and features 50 of the players who plied their trade in Serie A during that time – some more successfully than others. Following the same format as our other Premier League and Champions League 50 Question Quizzes, all you need to do is match the face with the correct name below it.

It is, we should add, almost impossible not to hear Peter Brackley’s commentary voice in your head as you read each name back to yourself.

Ready? We know you’re ready. You’ve probably scrolled past all the writing above and started already. It’s fine. We understand.

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