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08th Apr 2017

Can you identify these UFC fighters just from their silhouettes?

Anything over 12/15 is superb

Ben Kiely

The key to this quiz is taking your time.

We’re giving you this warning because we have an admission to make, we’re arseholes. We have deliberately made this quiz tricky by throwing in a few curveballs to ensure that you will need to be 100% focused to get full marks.

The concept is simple. You will be presented with 15 photos and you must identify the UFC fighter’s silhouette. Each photo comes with a clue, but be wary, take your time and make sure you take in all the information given to make choose the correct answer.

Any score higher than 12 is exceptional. Take a screenshot of the score, send it to the UFC and you might just get yourself an interim title as a prize.

We have no way of knowing this for sure, but everyone else appears to be getting one these days, so it’s probably worth a shot.