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23rd Jun 2017

Punches thrown and woman sent sprawling in chaotic brawl at Royal Ascot

It all kicked off on Ladies' Day

Darragh Murphy

Well that escalated quickly.

Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot descended into chaos as a brawl broke out between racegoers on Thursday.

The clash is understood to have kicked off after the final race, which was won by Atty Persse, although it remains unknown what started the tension.

Mobile phone footage captured a topless man confronting another, shouting “let’s finish it off.”

Another clip shows several females fighting one another, with one falling to the ground in a pool of beer and another seemingly walking away holding her nose.

“It is disappointing when an antisocial small minority behave inappropriately,” an Ascot spokesperson told the Telegraph.

“In a crowd of 70,000 sadly such incidences are hard to entirely irradiate but our staff and the police act on information as soon as they can.”