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15th Sep 2016

PSG’s new third kit is a bit of all white

We're all for third kits when they look like this.

Tom Victor

All-white football kits are difficult to get wrong, but they’re also difficult to get really right.

All too often you end up with a solid 6/10 effort which is relatively easy on the eye but doesn’t blow anyone away.

But we’ve seen some great examples of white shirts of late, not least the France reverse strip which Didier Deschamps’ team were forced to wear in the Euro 2016 meeting with Switzerland when their tricolore shirt was found to go against Uefa’s rules.

Maybe it’s just a French thing, or maybe manufacturers Nike liked Les Bleus performance so much that they decided to replicate it for the country’s domestic champions.

It was, after all, the shirt in which Dimitri Payet almost scored the best ever international goal, only to be denied by the crossbar with Yann Sommer beaten all ends up.

Who wouldn’t want to see if Payet got his power from the shirt? It’s got to be worth a try, surely.

But why stop at the shirt and socks? Why not go full Wimbledon Men’s Singles and insist on white shorts too?

We’re not complaining when the outcome is something like this, which uses Nike’s Aeroswift technology and the words ‘Paris’, ‘Grandeur’ and ‘Passion’ appear on the back of the collar and cuffs respectively.



Look closer. Is that…yup, an ‘iridescent’ swoosh and a gold PSG badge.


As Nike’s website states, each kit is made from 16 recycled bottles, and this year’s kits boast something called “AeroSwift technology”.

Apparently this means Paris Saint Germain’s clobber is lighter, stretchier and easier to wash and dry compared to last year’s efforts.

All we know is, when the PSG players eventually walk out in the Champions League in this kit, they’ll look like they’ve just got a nifty Power Rangers upgrade.

PSG 2016-17 - Third Kit

You spoil us, Nike.

The kit will be available from from September 22.

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