PSG fans want Manchester United kicked out of Champions League for breaking rules 2 months ago

PSG fans want Manchester United kicked out of Champions League for breaking rules

This is getting a little ridiculous from PSG now

There has been an awful lot of fallout since Manchester United shocked the world by overturning a 2-0 away goal deficit and defeating Paris Saint-Germain in the second leg of their Champions League second round tie.

No one really expected Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side to progress, especially - I would seem - the fans and staff of PSG - many of whom have reacted to yet another humiliating elimination from Europe like a spoiled Victorian child who’s been told he can’t beat up any more peasants today.

We have seen PSG fans breaking their own televisions in disgust and we've seen former PSG and Monaco winger Jerome Rothen accuse Patrice Evra of disrespect for daring to celebrate United’s win in an exuberant fashion, while the Neymar family versus Eric Cantona being another unexpected but frankly welcome addition to the soap opera.

We have heard manager Thomas Tuchel compare United to Ligue 1 Guingamp, but perhaps the greatest level of saltiness has come from the club’s fans.

Fresh off their threat to boycott the team in protest of the defeat, some PSG fans are now calling for United to be kicked out of the Champions League for breaking UEFA’s rules surrounding player shirt numbers and lettering.

Their complaint is based on the fact that the lettering on United youngster Mason Greenwood’s shirt was printed using PSG’s official Jordan Champions League lettering, rather than United’s own.

How that came to odd remains something of a mystery, but it has led to PSG supporters on Instagram to call on UEFA to enforce their rules against the Red Devils.

"Manchester could be disqualified from the Champions League as Greenwood’s numbering was from PSG’s club shop and UEFA’s rules stipulate that all numbering must be identical," said one reasonable fan.

"It’s not bullshit. UEFA’s rules clearly say that numbering must be identical for each player on the same team. But it seems to me impossible for UEFA to apply this rule because we know that they are anti-PSG and we can do nothing about it," said another who also was definitely not wearing tinfoil upon their head.


Unfortunately for those fans, they do not understand the rules.

Because you see, UEFA’s rules only state that club’s lettering and numbers must fit within specified dimensions. Because United used PSG’s Champions League lettering and numbers, they fit perfectly.

Despite this, one can’t help but admiring PSG fans, who have shown significantly more resolve in refusing to accept defeat than their own side did during the actual game.