PSG have officially dropped their new Jordan brand kit 3 years ago

PSG have officially dropped their new Jordan brand kit

It's finally here

After lots of teasing (from Neymar's mum, weirdly enough) about the potential launch of a Jordan brand PSG kit throughout the summer, the new Jumpman gear has officially arrived in the form of a video posted on the French club's official Twitter account today.


Take a look, and then let me talk you through the new attire.


First up, we have the new 'home' shirt, ably modelled by the handsome Edinson Cavani and just sort of worn by everyone else. I am reliably informed that the kits are built on a 'Nike Vaporknit Match chassis', whatever that is, and feature a clean black and white colourway with red accents that you can't really see any evidence of in this photograph, but still. Take their word for it.

You can see the white 'away' kit on the left below, along with specially designed PSGxJumpan 'kicks', as the kids call them, and a t-shirt your Dad would probably wear on the beach to cover up his man bosom. Sick.


And now we bring you to the most important part of any football streetwear launch: the trackies. These are legitimately good, to be fair. As if football training/5-a-side/looking cool whilst doing the big shop wasn't the best part of the week already.

There's just something about red and black as a combination, isn't there?

Finally, here's the requisite basketball jersey, which you should expect to see crop up in every single grime video for the next six months or so.


The Jordan Brand x Paris Saint-Germain collection releases on September 14 and the team will debut its Jordan kit on September 18 in the Champions League.

Which, inevitably, they will crash out of during the quarter-finals. At least they'll look good.