Premier League clubs install VR technology to tackle dementia issues 3 months ago

Premier League clubs install VR technology to tackle dementia issues

The technology has been installed to help prevent long-term head injuries

Five Premier League clubs have installed virtual reality (VR) technology which has been designed to prevent long-term head injuries.


The equipment enables players to head balls in training without impact after research conducted by Manchester Metropolitan University showed that using VR developed by Rezzil can significantly reduce the risk of developing dementia in later life as a result of heading from a young age.

Some of the top clubs around the country have picked up the idea - testing it out at academy level and building into their weekly training schedules. Manchester City are one of those, having recently announced a partnership with the company.


Players who are recovering from injury are also testing out the technology, with sports scientists and coaches using exercises with both their feet and head so they are able to train without the risk of contact.

As reported by the Daily Mailthe training drills will see players heading up to 100 virtual balls in a 10-minute period, with drills replicating real-life match scenarios including balls which are crossed in as fast as 80mph.

Current rules state that professionals are limited to 10 'high force' headers per training week and the new VR technology is expected to be implemented into first-team training sessions over the coming years.


The initiative has been backed by several high-profile footballers including the likes of Vincent Kompany, Gary Neville and Thierry Henry.

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