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06th Apr 2017

What will happen if Conor McGregor knocks out Floyd Mayweather? A former opponent has some comical ideas


Ben Kiely

Could you imagine if Conor McGregor achieved the impossible and rendered Floyd Mayweather unconscious?

That just wouldn’t make any sort of sense at all, would it?

A man making his professional debut against a world champion who has never tasted defeat in 49 professional bouts, most of which came against the world’s elite.

The knockout artist from a different discipline finding the hack that no one else has thought of to tag a master of the defensive arts of pugilism. Boxers who have dedicated their lives to cracking evasive opponents with those heavy gloves have failed before him, only for McGregor to billionaire strut his way into the ring and show them how it’s done.

It won’t happen. It can’t happen.

Oh fuck, what if it does?

One man who certainly believes Mayweather would do what he always does and outclass McGregor over 12 rounds is former foe Andre Berto. Mayweather actually announced his retirement in the ring after claiming a unanimous decision over Berto in 2015.

He doesn’t see it happening, but if McGregor somehow managed to get the knockout over ‘Money,’ he stopped short of saying the world would explode, as he told

“Understand this, if McGregor comes in here and he clips that man – it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t win – if  he catches Floyd, knocks him down or hurts him… like I said, McGregor can’t… unless Floyd just embarrasses him, if McGregor goes there and puts on a good fight, if he catches Floyd, he hurts Floyd, he drops Floyd, if he knocks Floyd out, oh it’s over! It’s OVER!

“McGregor going to be the president over in Ireland. He might be president over here. That should be crazy.

“I don’t know, man. Like I said, man, it’s the fight game. Anything can happen, so shit, if it happens, good luck to both guys.”

Anything can happen.We’ll cling on to that truth.