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Poor Phil Neville is mocked for using a word he doesn't seem to understand
Oh Philip mate...

Poor Philip.

Despite being a more than capable footballer in his heyday, Phil Neville has always been somewhat in the shadow of his more celebrated and esteemed older brother Gary.

Many argue that Neville the younger was actually the more technically gifted of the two, but it didn't stop GNev from forging a more eminent career, both during their respective playing days and since.

Gary has gone on to become one of the country's most respected and authoritative television pundits, with his excellent analysis and forthright views on Sky Sports.

Philip has followed his older sibling into the football studio, but has yet to gain quite as much credibility. That was not helped by his appearance on Sky on Tuesday night.

Analysing Manchester United's victory over Hull City in the first leg of the EFL Cup semi-final, Phil used a word that made many at home question whether he understood its meaning.

"Well they came out in the second half and played with a better tempo. I think the boys Mata and Smalling said it then - they weren't happy with the first half performance. It was too slow and pedantic..."


The use of the word 'pedantic', most often used to describe someone being 'ostentatious in their learning' or 'overly concerned with minute details or formalisms, especially in teaching' was roundly mocked by viewers at home.

The general assumption is that he meant 'pedestrian' when referring to United's slow build-up play. But perhaps we're all just being a bit too, well, pedantic about it.


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