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26th Dec 2017

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang definitely doesn’t want to go to Real Madrid anymore

He wouldn't mind a move to their neighbours.

Reuben Pinder

We believe you, Pierre.

The rumours of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang going to Real Madrid seem to resurface every year.

The Borussia Dortmund forward has dreamt of a move to the Spanish giants for his whole career, and has tried to make it happen by talking up – or down – the possibility of it happening in many interviews.

Either way, he always makes sure people are talking about whether or not he will go to Real Madrid.

In a recent interview with French publication Ouest France, Aubameyang delivered an interview which you imagine his employers were not particularly happy to read.

He remained cryptic in some of his answers, but given his record of putting himself in the shop window it is not hard to imagine what he wanted to convey in his answers.

On the possibility of him leaving in January, he said:

“A lot of things can happen in a transfer window, even if there are more rumours than real things.”

When asked about whether he still thinks about Real Madrid, he insisted he doesn’t, but he’d still be happy if he “reached his goal.”

“I do not have that desire anymore. I do not think too much, I do not take my head. After that, if I reach that goal, I will be very happy.”

So he may not be that bothered about Real Madrid anymore, but he wouldn’t mind a move to their neighbours Atlético Madrid and their shiny new stadium.

“We know very well that they will look for people. Finally, I think, since Antoine Griezmann may be leaving. A lot of things can happen.”

Griezmann may well leave, although more likely in the summer, when Atlético will need to decide on a regular partner for the returning Diego Costa. Aubameyang and Costa would make a frightening duo, but so far it’s only the Gabonese striker who’s talked about the possibility.