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22nd Nov 2015

UFC fighter Diego Sanchez gains nearly two stone after weighing in for Monterrey fight


Gareth Makim

This is quite amazing.

So much is written about the gruelling weight loss programmes fighters go through in the weeks leading up to dates in the ring or octagon, but much less about the equally intensive efforts to pile weight back on after hitting the scales the day before a fight.

Diego Sanchez is a former UFC middleweight, but dropped down to featherweight for last night’s fight against Ricardo Lamas at UFC Monterrey.

The cut to 145lbs obviously took its toll on Sanchez, who looked a little peaky at his weigh-in on Friday.


But the 33-year-old American went straight back to work in a bid to regain his lost weight, putting on an incredible 26lbs (11.8kgs) in less than 24 hours.

Unfortunately, the extra heft didn’t do Sanchez any favours in the octagon, where he took a pretty heavy beating at the hands of the younger Lamas, who won a unanimous decision.