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22nd Apr 2015

Pic: Rugby player suffers one of the most horrific ear injuries we’ve ever seen (Graphic Content)

Seriously, we're not exaggerating...

Eoghan Doherty

Brace yourself.

When playing the not-so-gentle game of rugby, it’s part and parcel that professional players will most likely suffer a serious injury during their career.

Not many, however, would look as nasty as the ear injury sustained by Davy McGregor while playing for Heriot’s Rugby Club against the Barbarians in Goldenacre in Edinburgh last night.

Speaking to, the former Ulster hooker said that he sustained the injury in a tackle when his ear was caught by the hip or shorts of an opposition player.

Davy was on his way to the plastic surgeon this morning to get the injury assessed but was still in good spirits; fingers crossed it all goes well for him.

So, you ready to see this?

You’re sure?

Here goes, don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Jesus H. Christ and all the saints in heaven above.

Remember everybody, don’t take your ears for granted.

Cherish them, phone them, tell them you love them.