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14th Jan 2016

PIC: Mamadou Sakho shows off forehead bump suffered in aerial duel with Olivier Giroud


Darragh Murphy

Some call it a haematoma, some call it a bump, Mamadou Sakho calls it a double front.

Whatever you call it, it doesn’t look like Mamadou Sakho slept on his front on Wednesday night.

The Reds defender is sporting quite the swelling on his forehead after a clash with international teammate Olivier Giroud during the 3-3 cracker played out between the Liverpool and Arsenal on Wednesday.

The Frenchmen were battling for a high ball in the lead up to Aaron Ramsey’s goal when Sakho accidentally headbutted Giroud in the back of the head, drawing blood.

The Arsenal forward left the field to get the gash stapled shut but we weren’t made aware of the extent of Sakho’s injuries until Thursday morning when he shared a picture of the bump on snapchat with the caption “double front! Merci Olive.”