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20th Nov 2015

Jon Jones has got scarily ripped in his time away from the UFC (Pic)

And he's not even in camp

Darragh Murphy

We wouldn’t blame Daniel Cormier for being a little bit concerned.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones certainly looks to have found the motivation that abandoned him in recent years.

Jones hasn’t fought since January when he beat Cormier to defend his 205 lb title before being suspended by the UFC for a hit-and-run incident that injured a pregnant woman.

UFC 182: Jones v Cormier

But that suspension has been lifted, Bones has been reinstated to the UFC roster and he looks absolutely terrifying.

Jones shared a photo on Thursday comparing the shape he was in in 2013 to his current ripped physique and all his powerlifting looks to be paying off.

This isn’t even funny!


Another interesting point to take away from the Instagram post is that Jones has suggested that he’s preparing for a return fight on April 23 in New York.

Presumably he’ll be fighting a lion that night because there’s no way that a promotion would be so heartless as to match up a human with this monster.


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