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10th Nov 2015

How on earth did this mixed martial artist win with a mangled hand like this? (Pic)

That's broken alright

Darragh Murphy

Daniel Straus deserves every bit of his title win.

The freshly crowned Bellator featherweight champion upset the odds to prise the 145 lb title away from Patricio Pitbull Freire in the main event of Friday night’s Bellator 145 card.

It was third time lucky for Straus, who had been beaten by Pitbull on two occasions in the past, but the victory came with a cost.

Straus broke his hand in the first round of a five round war with Freire and it wasn’t just a little crack either.

The American posted the X-ray of the horrendous break on Instagram with the caption: “I’m being told this is one of the worst breaks some doctors have ever seen. Now…. Imagine if I didn’t break it in the first round.”

Even as fighters go, this is a nasty broken hand.