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30th Dec 2015

PIC: Chelsea and Man United are in the relegation zone of the wages-per-point table

Rock bottom

Darragh Murphy

Not only are they exciting, fearless and courageous but Leicester’s players are also unbelievable value for money.

The Foxes sit top of the wages-per-points table, compiled by Sporting Intelligence, after the Claudio Ranieri heroics that leave them level on points with Arsenal at the summit the Premier League at the midway point of the season.

Many expected Leicester to struggle to stay afloat in England’s top flight but they’ve become a breath of fresh air and the players have proven themselves as tremendous bargains for the club.

When comparing their position to the wages paid out to players, the Foxes have paid just over £700,000 for every point they’ve secured in the Premier League this season.

While that seems quite a lot, it pales in comparison to the whopping £5 million that each of Chelsea’s 20 points have cost Roman Abramovich.

Aston Villa and Manchester United aren’t much better than the reigning champions as they’ve forked out £4,375,000 and £3,666,667 respectively for their disappointing league positions.