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09th Apr 2017

Phil Neville’s magnificent description of Seb Larsson’s sending off is punditry gold

We don't care what all those mean comments say, we liked it...


Yeah, they might earn more in an afternoon than most of us do in a year, but football pundits don’t half come in for some stick.

Even though they’ve played the game professionally and are therefore more qualified than most of us to give their insight into the key events of a televised game, that’s still not enough to stop some football supporters from pouncing on their every mistake.

This weekend, that’s something that Phil Neville, bless him, knows all too well.

On Saturday night, the former Manchester United and Everton player appeared on Match of the Day to help with their analysis. Looking specifically at the performance of Tottenham’s Kieran Trippier in the victory over Watford, his use of the (completely made-up) word ‘squozen’ was enough to make his name trend on Twitter…

Poor Phil.

Hours later, he was back on pundit duty for the game between Sunderland and Manchester United at the Stadium of Light.

Towards the end of the first half, referee Craig Pawson deemd Sebastian Larsson’s challenge on Ander Herrera as being worthy of a red card – a decision many watching the game believed was slightly harsh.

Trying to convey the sense that he felt the tackle was worthy of something in between a yellow and a red, Phil found a novel way to put across his opinion…

“I still think… for me, it’s an orange card.”

As you can probably imagine, social media’s many, many football experts were straight on it…

With loads of Twitter accounts with the word ‘bible’ in their name inevitably quick to pull out their go-to Jack Wilshere OK MATE memes.

It was even enough for people like Adam to start calling him a ‘twat’, which is very harsh.

We know what you were trying to say, Phil.