Phil Neville tried to get political and it didn't end well 2 years ago

Phil Neville tried to get political and it didn't end well

Phil Neville is expanding his horizons.

You may have heard of the famous quote by Plutarch which reads: "When he saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer." The famed Greek philosopher was of course talking about Alexander the Great, but could just as easily have been referring to Phil Neville.

Having mastered the world of football punditry, following a fine playing career at both Manchester United and Everton, Neville the Younger is in danger of becoming far bigger than the sport. How do you possibly continue outwitting the entire footballing fraternity when no one's intellect can match your own?

Well, you expand into the sphere of politics of course. Ahead of the weekend's Premier League schedule, Phil was watching the One Show on BBC One, and no doubt palpably sighed when Hilary Clinton was presented as one of the guests. She was plugging her new book 'What Happened' and the conversation turned to President Trump.

Neville was having none of it, and took to Twitter to exclaim is irritation that Hilary should talk about the election result she was asked about in reference to the book she'd written about it. In pure Trumpian tones, he wrote: 'Hilary you lost move on'...

The response was passionate and not all complimentary. Our Phil clearly has much work to do...