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24th May 2017

Phil Neville proves he’s a top bloke with kind gesture to Manchester victims

Absolute respect.

Nooruddean Choudry

Phil Neville gets more than his fair share of stick.

The former Manchester United and Everton man’s style of punditry is very different to that of his brother Gary, which figures considering their personalities clearly differ. If the older Neville is more preoccupied with the tactical side of the game and zeroing on the minutiae, Phil is more emotive, more like a supporter some might say.

His casual manner, unique views on the game, and willingness to take the piss out of himself can open him up to ridicule. To the point where some people will mock and challenge everything he says. But learning more about the man himself, it soon becomes clear that he’s a thoroughly decent bloke with a big heart.

Manchester Comes Together to Remember Victims Of Terror Attack : News Photo

Neville was on Radio 5 Live on Wednesday morning and spoke passionately about the aftermath of Monday’s tragic events in Manchester. He worried about how the fatal incident would affect the Manchester United side in their Europa League final against Ajax, particularly the younger players who hail from the area.

Neville also explained that he wished he was in Manchester rather than Stockholm covering the game, such is his strong affinity with the city. And much like many kind hearted locals, he was eager to help. Upon hearing that there was a shortage of food at the children’s hospital, Neville quickly got in touch and arranged for provisions.

A surgeon texted in to the radio station to thank Neville for his kind help:

And in response, Neville was eager to arrange for some more food if it was needed:

Suffice to say, the listening public were duly impressed with the BBC man’s thoughtfulness and very generous actions. And perhaps it will give others a new found respect for Neville the Younger…until the next time they disagree with his football commentary at least.