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19th May 2019

Phil Jones has grey hair now and it is spectacular

Wayne Farry

phil jones hair

What a man

Phil Jones is a Premier League footballer mocked, on balance, probably more than any Premier League footballer that has ever gone before him and perhaps any that will come in the future.

He is mocked because of his facial expressions; the gurn that we have all come to know and love. And he is mocked because of his sometimes habit of not being able to control his limbs in a coordinated manner.

Say what you want about Phil Jones though – and many, many people do – but you cannot accuse him of being the type of person that hides away. It’s not in his DNA. When the going gets tough, he doesn’t shirk responsibility. Instead he throws his head at it. At everything and literally anything. If it can be headed, Phil Jones will get his noggin down there.

That unwillingness to hide away, that desire to keep being seen, manifested itself yet again on Sunday when the central defender unveiled a brand new haircut which is somewhere between grey and silver.

The new do was revealed by Simon Townley, whom we can safely assume is a barber of some kind.

On his Twitter account, Townley posted tow photographs of Phil Jones with the caption: “There’s standing out and then there’s outstanding. When you’re not a barber like the rest you can create looks like this.”

We can ask a lot of questions about this. We can ask why he chose that colour. We can ask why he has his shirt off when he’s getting a haircut, because that’s pretty weird to be honest. But instead let’s just appreciate Phil Jones once again raising his gurning head above the parapet and choosing to be different.