Peter Schmeichel claims that Manchester United shouldn't have sacked David Moyes 3 years ago

Peter Schmeichel claims that Manchester United shouldn't have sacked David Moyes

The smiling faces have returned to Manchester United

Not since the days of Sir Alex Ferguson has the atmosphere been so positive around United and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has already proven himself worthy of a full-time contract, according to most supporters.


Solskjaer has yet to taste defeat since taking over from Jose Mourinho before Christmas and the change in mood is clear for all to see on the pitch, with the club's creative players enjoying the freedom encouraged by their new boss.

Plenty of fans believe Solskjaer is the long-term solution after several years of disappointing managers.

The final few months of Mourinho's tenure were tough to watch for supporters while Louis van Gaal's brand of football was not always conducive to seeing out results.


David Moyes didn't last a season at Old Trafford, having been given a vote of confidence by Ferguson in 2013, and Moyes' time in charge is not remembered fondly by Red Devils fans for the most part.

Peter Schmeichel is the exception to that rule because the legendary United goalkeeper believes that Moyes should have never been sacked.

"If we should have any regrets as Manchester United, that is that we only gave David Moyes seven months," Schmeichel said on beIN SPORTS.


"I think we should have given him more time, accepted that results weren’t going to be the way we hoped they would be and that playing would be a little bit different.

"I believe he would have grown into that role. He has the personality and he had so many things he needed to learn and he didn’t have anybody to learn them from.


"He was left to run the football department on his own. I think that really would have helped him [keeping Mike Phelan], had he had someone with that kind of experience.

"But I also understand where he’s coming from. He did think that he brought that experience with Phil Neville so he had someone there.

"I don’t think he wanted someone there who had worked with Sir Alex. I can understand that, but maybe when you look back maybe that was a mistake.

"But from the club’s perspective, we should never, ever have dismissed him."

As expected, Schmeichel's claim did not go down well.