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04th Apr 2017

Per Mertesacker falls victim to the cheekiest of cheeky pranks

Poor Per

Darragh Murphy

Mesut Ozil has hit a bit of a rough patch.

The Arsenal midfielder is undoubtedly one of the most talented players in the Premier League when he’s in the mood but, in recent weeks, he’s simply not been playing to his potential.

Ozil had an atrocious game, by his standards, against Manchester City at the weekend and Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville slated the German for pulling out of a chance out of fear of getting hurt.

“Mesut Ozil goes through on goal and bottles out of a challenge when his manager’s backside is on the line. Go for a 50-50 or nick in front and win a penalty,” Neville said.

One could say Ozil went missing on Sunday.

And some people did, as a group of pranksters set up a fake donation fund to raise money for Ozil who, according to them, had gone MIA.

The cheeky fellows over at the aptly named Cheeky Sport took the charity bucket along to the game at the Emirates on Sunday.

And they caught out none other than Gunners defender Per Mertesacker, who reached into his pocket for change and unknowingly donated to the cause.

Mertesacker is just a nice guy and thought he was donating to a legitimate charity but, little did he know he was falling victim to a classic piece of shithousery.

Skip to the 13:20 mark to see Per being caught out.