People think Brock Lesnar punched his opponent for real at the Royal Rumble 3 years ago

People think Brock Lesnar punched his opponent for real at the Royal Rumble

It came after an incident earlier in the match.

There are a few unwritten rules people should try to live by if they want an easy life. Don't make eye contact on public transport. Don't mix drinks on a night out.  Don't knee Brock Lesnar in the face.


Simple things to remember, really.

Last night Braun Strowman found out there are certain consequences that come with choosing to ignore that last bit of advice in particular, during his Triple Threat match against Lesnar and Kane.

Strowman appeared to knee his opponent whilst he was getting up from the canvas - something the former MMA fighter didn't seem too thrilled about.

Accident or not, it wasn't long before the aptly nicknamed 'Beast Incarnate' had his revenge: planting a right hook on his opponent's temple that was so earth-shatteringly hard, it made his face crumple up and re-expand like a slinky falling down the stairs.


Unsolicited knees to the face aren't much of a day-to-day concern in most professions, but in wrestling these sort of blows - accidental or intentional - can curtail careers. Which you can imagine is what prompted Lesnar's apparently genuine return blow.


Then again, he has retired from UFC twice, so it's possible he might have just forgotten which ring he was in.

Fortunately, both wrestlers took their respective hits as only gigantic, extremely hard, human beings paid to fight each other can - they shook them off and finished the fight, with Lesnar coming out on top after 11 minutes of carnage and a couple of smashed announcer's tables, retaining his Universal title.