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04th Sep 2016

People have spotted someone mooning in this photo of Man City’s stadium

Blue moon??

Tom Victor

When it comes to sharing photos with the public, it always pays to look closely.

That way you’ll avoid unfortunate situations like this, involving Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium.

At first glance it seems like a perfectly normal wide shot of the ground.

But look closer.

No, closer than that.

There it is.

That’s right, your eyes don’t deceive you. It is indeed someone mooning in like with the ‘O’ of welcome.

First things first, that’s great planning from the perpetrator. They’ve spotted the opportunity and grasped it.

Is it an allusion to City fans singing Blue Moon? Is it a tribute to Joey Barton’s decision to expose his own backside during the Blues’ trip to Goodison Park back in the day?

Perhaps it’s a cutting attempt to satirise the widespread criticism of Pep Guardiola’s team for failing to get bums on seats for some of their recent home games?

Don’t worry, we’re willing to entertain the thought that it’s far more highbrow than many others will give it credit for.

Of course, it often transpires that the most obvious explanation is the accurate one, but ‘person decided they felt like baring their arse for no real reason’ is rather boring, isn’t it?

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