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19th Jan 2017

People can’t believe the transfer fee being quoted for Jake Livermore

Yes, *that* Jake Livermore.

Tom Victor

Jake Livermore, he’s an okay footballer, right?

Tidy passer. Fits into a midfield two or a midfield three adequately.

Can even do a job at centre-back if you need.

Not bad at all. The sort of guy who you’d be happy to have in and around your squad.

Wait, West Brom want to pay £10m for him? Ten million pounds? English pounds? You sure?

Are we talking about the same guy, here? Jake Livermore. Jake. Livermore.

Ex-Tottenham. Not awful for Hull but you didn’t really notice that he wasn’t in the Premier League last season? That Jake Livermore?

Ten million? And you’re sure that’s not a typo? Euros, maybe? Well have you checked? Huh.

Oh well, maybe we’re wrong. Maybe other, smarter people have worked out that there’s more to this than we realised.

Maybe we’ve been watching a different guy all this time. Maybe other folks aren’t surprised.

Let’s ask them.

Well then.

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