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11th Jul 2016

People aren’t happy with Uefa’s scientific choice for the Player of Euro 2016

The wrong call?

Tom Victor

Uefa’s player barometer has revealed its Player of the Tournament for Euro 2016, and it seems not everyone is on the same page as European football’s governing body.

Renato Sanches of Portugal earned young player honours, and few had too many complaints after the teenager came of age after forcing himself into the starting lineup for the knockout rounds.

But the decision to name Dimitri Payet as Player of the Tournament – even if it was based on the Uefa barometer – proved more controversial.

After the group stage, few would have disputed the decision. Payet scored great goals against Romania and Albania, and almost capped it off with a stunning volley which was a crossbar’s width away from earning Didier Deschamps’ team victory over Switzerland.

It would be harsh to say the West Ham man has faded in the knockout rounds – no one could realistically keep up that high level – but others (Antoine Griezmann chief among them) made more of an impact from the last 16 onwards.

According to the Uefa site, ‘The Barometer runs official player statistics through a specially designed algorithm to create rankings based on player performances.’. Payet stole top honours from Griezmann after the final, during which neither player impressed greatly.

While Hammers fans were happy with the decision…

Others weren’t so sure he deserved the award.

Though the more sadistic believed there was another good reason for it.

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