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08th Jul 2017

People are wondering why Liverpool are selling ‘Harold Shipman’ keyrings



Wait, what?

Here we were at JOE Towers minding our own business when we received a notification from a follower by the name of Steve Hunt. He was no doubt aware that we ruddy love a good lookalikey, especially if it’s football based. But we didn’t count on the exact comparison that he’d happened upon.

He informed us that his mate had been perusing the Liverpool FC club shop when he came across a piece of merchandise that blew his tiny mind. There is was, as bold as brass, a keyring bearing the uncanny likeness of what looked like serial killer Harold Shipman. That’s right, just hanging there on display.

Now we’d suspect that any image of a man in glasses at Anfield would surely be in tribute to Jurgen Klopp, and that is surely what was intended in this case. But to many, it is far more reminiscent of Shipman. Judge for yourself…

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

As you can see below, most are in no doubt as to who the key holder in question resembles more closely. A redo of the original illustration may be in order…