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10th May 2016

People are taking the p*ss out of West Ham’s #FarewellBoleyn hashtag

Nooruddean Choudry

We know it matters deeply to West Ham fans. Just not everyone else.

The Boleyn Ground has been home to the Hammers for 112 years, so of course it’s a wrench to leave. Their penultimate game of the season against Manchester United on Tuesday is the final match to be played at the grand old stadium, and as such it’s a very emotional occasion.

That said, most other football fans couldn’t give a flying f*ck. It’s happening over there in East London, it’s mildly interesting but other than that, so what? The problem is that the media are partaking in the mother of schmaltzy mournfests over what is largely irrelevant to many fans.

As well as all the faux-sincere montages and grave sepia graphics, there’s also a hashtag that is being used to share memories and heartfelt sadness at the departure – #FarewellBoleyn. Except the viral tribute has been somewhat sabotaged by rival fans who are intent on taking the p*ss.

Here are some of the very heartless (and funny) responses to all the saccharine sentiments…