Paul Scholes dusts off his boots to line out for Royton Town FC 3 years ago

Paul Scholes dusts off his boots to line out for Royton Town FC

Royton Town doesn't have many claims to fame.

But those supporters who came out to watch Saturday's clash with Stockport Georgians were treated to the unexpected sight of one of the greatest players of all time on the pitch.


Paul Scholes dusted off his boots to test his match fitness in a non-league game at Cromley Road this weekend.

Scholes, who retired from Manchester United for good in 2013, shocked those in attendance with a surprise appearance.


Scholes wasn't shying away from any tackles on his return to football and he was placed on the post when Royton were defending corners.


The legendary midfielder, now 43, previously mentioned the club when he admitted that he enjoys watching Royton Town play more than the club at which he won everything.

"I genuinely get more enjoyment from watching even my son's team, Royton Town. It's like a men's team, but he's 16. He started playing a few games for them last season. I went to watch him once, it was 5-4. It's just entertainment," Scholes wrote in the book, Class of 92: Out of our League – Our Journey Back to the Heart of the Game.

"There's some good players (in the Premier League), really good players, but it's not always the best for quality.

"In the Premier League in the last two years, have I really seen a game of high quality? A game that I've thought: 'Wow!' It's difficult to think of any."


Scholes is expected to feature during a tribute match for former teammate Liam Miller in Cork, Ireland on September 25. Miller tragically passed away in February after a battle with pancreatic cancer.