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09th Jan 2017

Paul Merson just outdid himself with a breathtakingly stupid comment about Thierry Henry

Is he actually for real?

Nooruddean Choudry

Even for Paul Merson this is something else.

It was only a few days ago that Sky Sports ‘pundit’ Paul Merson was exhibiting/exposing his footballing knowledge by successfully offering the worst of football prediction in some time. We were pretty sure it would not be topped.

But credit to Merse, he has outdone himself already with a brainfart of such mammoth proportions that we’re not entirely sure whether he’s actually for real, or just taking us all for gullible fools. Surely no one could be quite this dense?

Speaking on TalkSport, the former Arsenal man was irate about Hull City’s appointment of Marco Silva as their new manager. The fact that Silva won the Greek Superleague with Olympiacos certainly didn’t impress Merse much.

“He’s won the league at Olympiakos? I could’ve won the league at Olympiakos!” he exclaimed. But it was the fact that Hull weren’t giving British managers an opportunity that really irked the Sky man.

“I’m not having it! You can give me stick on that. There’s enough British managers out there, come on…off the top of my head, why not Thierry Henry? He’s done his badges, he’s a legend in the game, he’s ripped up the Premier League. If he walked into Hull City he’d give them a lift.”

Yes, that’s right. Proud Frenchman Thierry Henry was Merson’s suggestion for a Brit taking over at the KCOM Stadium. We shit you not. Never change, Paul – never change.

Credit to F365 for the spot