Patrice Evra posts strangest video yet on social media 2 years ago

Patrice Evra posts strangest video yet on social media

What a man Patrice Evra is

Patrice Evra was a wonderful footballer. During his time at AS Monaco, Manchester United, Juventus and Marseille the ex-France international entertained fans with his slaloming runs up the wing and occasional cracker of a goal.

Since taking a step back from football (he is still a footballer but doesn't have a club currently), Evra has taken a massive step into the world of making videos for the internet to enjoy.

This is something that many people do in 2018, whether it's playing video games, applying make up, reviewing different types of cereal or claiming that school shootings were actually conspiracies organised by the lizard people.

Evra thankfully doesn't do anything like that, all he does - and the beauty is in the simplicity - is just sing songs and dance around. Often times this happens with his top off.

The latest edition does just that, and also takes place in the teeming rain. In the video, Evra is sitting there, sipping a drink while wearing his France shorts, as grey clouds loom ominously in the background.

As he sits, the song "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa and featuring a person named Charlie Puth plays, and Evra sings along. But in a nice change of pace, he alters the lyrics to suit the setting.

Is it up there with his original "I LOVE THIS GAME!" video? No, but it's a decent effort nonetheless. Thanks Pat.