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31st Oct 2016

Patrice Evra dresses up as Chucky to give his fans a scary Halloween treat

Not as scary as United's defence

Nooruddean Choudry

Patrice Evra is fast becoming something of a cult hit on social media.

Fans of Manchester United have always loved their former left-back for his Tigger-like enthusiasm and mischievous nature, but it’s safe to say that he managed to rub rival supporters up the wrong way on more than one occasion during his time in England.

That said, his recent exploits on Instagram and other social media channels have shown the world what a gloriously irreverent and ‘unique’ individual the 35-year-old really is. Not for him the traditional role as super-serious and studied elder-statesman of the game.

Rather Evra is more interested in letting his hair down and having some fun. Only a matter of days ago he was performing as an anti-racism panda – what the world needs now more than ever. But this weekend he decided to get all seasonal with a Halloween special.

Dressed as Chucky, from the creepy Child’s Play horror film series, the Juve man treated us to a few killer moves as he cut some rug (rather than unfortunate victims) in the impromptu performance. It is as bizarre as it is hilarious and we look forward to future instalments…

Chucky wishes you a happy Halloween??? i LOVE THIS game hahaahahah ???#halloween#crazy

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