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26th Jul 2018

Paris Saint-Germain’s new away kit might be the most beautiful of all the new releases

The new all white number features a gold bagde, representative of the root of their recent domestic success

Reuben Pinder

How to stop Neymar going to Real Madrid? All white away kit

As we find ourselves in post-World Cup, pre-season footballing abyss, in which no competitive matches are played and the news cycle is filled with unfounded transfer rumours, we can be thankful for the simple yet incredibly satisfying phenomenon of the kit launch.

We can all appreciate a nice kit, can’t we? Find me a person who doesn’t like Parma’s new away jersey and I’ll show you a liar. Equally, find me a United fan who likes looking at their new, bizarre, badly designed fading jersey and I will show you a psycopath.

The latest addition to the list of kits that we can all appreciate comes from Paris Saint-Germain, after the release of their new away jersey. The all white number features a gold badge and Nike swoosh, representative of the root of their recent success.

Some cynical minds think this all white kit might be a ploy to keep hold of Neymar, who has been constantly linked with a move to Real Madrid – the theory being that if he’s playing in all white, he’ll be happy.

Little do they know, Neymar calls in sick for most away matches…