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06th Dec 2018

One Arsenal fan has a theory Mesut Ozil isn’t playing because of Fortnite

Simon Lloyd

Brace yourselves, everyone

Mesut Ozil hasn’t played football in nearly a month, and some Arsenal fans (or probably just one of them) have an interesting theory as to why – the kind of theory we’d like to stress we don’t necessarily believe, but thought some of you might find amusing all the same.

Ready? Good. Let’s go…

Could it be that Ozil’s fondness for playing Fortnite is the reason for his lack of playing time this season?

No, really.

Perhaps so according to the theory below, shared by Arsenal opinion blog, Le Grove. Left as a comment on their site, Le Grove tweeted it out for all the world to see / enjoy.

‘For anyone who knows anything about Fortnite, to get 600 wins takes  an incredible amount of time,’ the comment begins.

Explaining that a win is only achieved by beating either 99 players in solo mode, 48 other teams in duo mode or 24 other teams in squad mode, they make the point that this is an incredibly difficult thing to achieve.

‘If I was the manager of the head executive at Arsenal, that would tell me that Ozil is engaging in an unhealthy, sedentary activity that may also lead to late, long nights because like all the best games, it’s addictive.’

Not done there, the commenter goes on to suggest that the reports of Ozil’s recent back trouble could also be due to Fortnite.

‘If Ozil has back pain, it might have to do with sitting down for several hours at a time while he shows far more fight and aggression than he ever has done on the football field.’