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12th Mar 2018

Only a Premier League fanatic will get top marks in this quiz

You'll know them all, but can you guess them?

Ben Kiely

This is a lot more difficult than it sounds.

It’s teaser time and we have an absolute doozy for you today.

We’re giving you the first names of 30 well-known Premier League players and all you have to do is give us their surnames.

You will have 15 minutes to guess as many as possible. If you get stuck, just start guessing some big stars of the English top flight. There are plenty of them in there.

To help you out, we will give you one hint – pay close attention to every name we give you. The first name listed isn’t necessarily the first name they go by.

Best of luck and let us know how you get on. (If the quiz doesn’t display properly, click here).