Novak Djokovic arrested hours after winning Australian visa appeal 5 months ago

Novak Djokovic arrested hours after winning Australian visa appeal

Djokovic won his appeal against deportation from Australia on Monday

UPDATE: It has since been confirmed that police did swarm Djoko's lawyer's office but no arrests were made, Djoko's family made the allegation Aus police were trying to 'lock him up'.


Novak Djokovic has allegedly been arrested by the Australian government just hours after he won his appeal against deportation from the country, according to reports.

The Serbian tennis star was granted permission to compete at this year's Australian Open after he was initially denied entry to the country when his visa was revoked upon entry earlier this month.

The 34-year-old had spent four nights in an immigration detention hotel in Melbourne, but it was ruled on Monday that his visa cancellation order would be immediately overturned and that he would be allowed to leave detention.


Despite this, it appears that the saga is not quite over just yet, with The Pavlovic Today reporting that Djokovic was arrested shortly after the end of his court case on Monday.

It is thought that the Australian government remain keen on deporting Djokovic, and that they are looking to do so as a 'matter of urgency'.

Djokovic's brother, Djordje, told Serbian outlet Sportklub: "What we can do is to let this be known all over social media – they want to capture and lock up Novak again.

"We're currently consulting with PRs about next steps. He is at the moment with his lawyers in the room they were during the hearing, thinking about options."

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