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10th Feb 2017

Not even a wretched run of form can stop Jürgen Klopp from dreaming

There's being optimistic and then there is this

Sean McMahon

You can’t blame him for being optimistic.

Liverpool are currently experiencing their worst start to a calendar year since 1954.

There is no doubt that Jurgen Klopp is going through the toughest segment of his managerial career thus far with the Merseyside club.

How his side react to their poor run of form, which has yielded only one victory in their last six Premier League fixtures, will be pivotal in terms of their Champions League aspirations and also the overall legacy which Klopp will leave at the club, whenever he decides it is time to move on.

Liverpool have lost to a number of sides, who in the eyes of most football fans, would be deemed ‘weaker opposition’.

So perhaps, the perfect chance to resurrect Liverpool’s season can come at their eagerly awaited clash against an in form Tottenham Hotspur side at Anfield.

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s match, Klopp revealed to reporters that he doesn’t want to focus on their poor performances over the last month or so, he would much rather concentrate on what lies ahead for his side.

“In this moment I am nearly nil-point-nil interested in what was,” he said. “I am more interested in what will be and what we can do, and what results we can get and performances we can show and where and when we can deliver.

You can expect a response like this from Klopp, there is no doubt that dwelling too much on past losses and poor performances can have a negative effect on moral and confidence within his squad but you would imagine that there are serious lessons to be learned from the last six weeks and that the players would need to address these in order to improve their performances on the pitch.

Nevertheless, Klopp remains focused on the future and he exhibits his unwavering confidence in his squad going forward, where even he admits that it may sound dubious to some.

“In my dreams we can win 14 games. I know how it sounds but I cannot change my dreams and that is what I am working for.”

Yeah…so for Liverpool to win their remaining 14 games would require something truly remarkable to happen but perhaps there is some benefit in Klopp providing an insight into his thoughts.

For a squad devoid of confidence, perhaps this is a necessary ploy from the former Borussia Dortmund manager, in the hope that it will re-invigorate his squad.

Time will tell, and we will get an idea of its effectiveness when the full time whistle blows on Saturday.

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