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12th Jun 2019

Norwich City to cap all tickets at £30 for 2019/20 season

Wayne Farry

norwich city

Something that a lot of football fans would like to see

Norwich City have announced that they will freeze the price of tickets at £30 for their first season back in the Premier League since 2016, although some fans have been left annoyed over a revamp to the club’s membership system.

The club confirmed on their official website that they had decided to cap all casual tickets for home league fixtures at £30 for adults, £25 for 65+, £20 for under-18s and £15 for under-12s.

Due to an increase in demand for tickets, the club has made the somewhat unpopular decision to change its membership model and has introduced a tiered model for supporters of all categories looking to secure tickets for away matches.

The club said that the “membership system consists of a Premier and Standard membership which is priced at £50 and £35 respectively to provide all fans with a fair and equal chance to purchase tickets”.

This would mean that fans who purchase Premier membership will have a higher chance of securing away tickets than those who buy the Standard membership.

This change in model has angered some supporters, who feel that their loyalty and commitment to the club in recent years under the previous system will not be rewarded.

Under other systems, fans who travel to a large number of away matches in one season traditionally have a greater chance of being granted tickets for away matches in the following campaign.