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19th Mar 2019

Northern Irish FA win banter war with Scotland on Twitter

The Northern Irish FA engaged in a Twitter battle after Scotland's St Patrick's Day tweet featured a video of all their goals against both Irish nations

Reuben Pinder

Scotland’s St Patrick’s Day tweet was pretty loaded

Twitter banter between football clubs or national football associations is usually quite cringeworthy, isn’t it? Bundesliga clubs are the worst offenders, without doubt. Only recently we saw Mainz 05 mock themselves for losing 6-0 to Bayern Munich, crossing out the ‘5’ in their name, replacing it with a ‘6’. Which would have been funny had Bayern done it, but to utterly mug yourselves off like that? Just weird mate.

Occasionally, though, it can be funny. Like when Crystal Palace photoshopped Marcelo Bielsa into the window of a house overlooking their training ground in the aftermath of spygate. That is what I like to call ‘Good Banter’.

A more recent example of Good Banter can be seen in this exchange between Scotland and Northern Ireland’s respective football associations.

Scotland wished a happy St Patrick’s day to those celebrating by posting a video of numerous Scotland goals against both the Republic or Ireland and Northern Ireland. It was a friendly jibe, but Northern Ireland bit back, highlighting that none of these goals were at a major tournament – bit rich coming from a nation to have qualified for three World Cups and one European Championships but I digress.

Scotland then retorted by assuring Northern Ireland that they would receive a postcard from the upcoming Women’s World Cup in France this summer, which Scotland have of course qualified for.

But Northern Ireland’s response topped it all, as they requested it be addressed to their manager, adding: ‘think you have his details’.

This of course is alluding to Scotland’s pursuit of O’Neill after Gordon Strachan resigned as manager in October 2017.

Fair play, think we’ll give this one to Northern Ireland. Tune in next time for more corporate Twitter banter between football associations.