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11th Jun 2018

Nigeria’s travel outfits are almost as nice as their World Cup kits

They've outdone themselves again

Reuben Pinder

First the jerseys, now this? Take a bow

If you haven’t seen Nigeria’s World Cup kits yet, you must have been living under a rock. Combining the old school and the new, Nike created a football jersey that attracted attention like no other.

Half of London queued outside Nike Town in Oxford Street in the hope that they might get their hands on the zig-zag number. Basically, they’re hot property.

The whole collection is beautiful, especially the floral tracksuit. Look at it. Just look, and bask in its glory.

Anyway, just when you thought they couldn’t look any more suave, they go and outdone themselves with their travelling outfit.

The Super Eagles’ get-up of long sleeved shirts and fitted trousers, accompanied by matching hats and shoes has been getting rave reviews on social media, with some punters claiming they should be awarded the trophy now. Rest assured, if the World Cup were a fashion parade, they’d be taking the trophy home.

It wouldn’t be a shock to see the majority of people adopt Nigeria as their second team in this tournament just for their style alone – if they haven’t already.

Just look at the detail. It makes a nice change from the estate agent-esque suits we’re used to seeing the England squad wear.