Nicklas Bendtner apologises after being arrested for altercation with taxi driver 3 years ago

Nicklas Bendtner apologises after being arrested for altercation with taxi driver

He was arrested in the early hours on Sunday morning

Nicklas Bendtner has issued a heartfelt apology to his fans and the Danish public after he was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning following an altercation with a taxi driver.


The former Arsenal striker was reported to have broken the driver's jaw.

Rasmus Krochin, Communications Manager for DanTaxi, confirmed Bendtner was involved in a statement via Ekstra Bladet:

“I can confirm that there has been a serious assault on one of our drivers tonight. The driver is currently on the operating table with a broken jaw. Our director was informed about this morning. “

“The assault has been reported to the police and we can confirm that the assailant is Nicklas Bendtner.”


In Bendtner's statement addressing the issue, he said: "As you've been able to read in the media for the past couple of days, I've been involved in an extremely unfortunate episode and a very uncomfortable episode around 2 o'clock on Sunday.

"I could not imagine in my wildest imagination that it should develop as it did, and of course I'm extremely sad that the outcome became as unfortunate as it became.

"To Rosenborg fans and audiences, I regret that this has happened. And I regret that I did not avoid getting into the situation - even though I had previously tried to search away from it.

"From the start it has been a pleasure to play for Rosenborg's faithful audience, and I have made an honour of making them proud of myself and of the team.


Facing the club, I'm sorry with all my heart that we are standing here today.

"Rosenborg has been more than a good club for me. It felt like a new home and a new family, as I needed more than ever a change and a new start."

According to Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet, Bendtner had been out partying with his girlfriend on Saturday night before the incident occurred.