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21st Nov 2018

Nicklas Bendtner drops appeal against 50 day prison sentence

The former Arsenal striker will spend 50 days behind bars after a failed appeal against his sentence which came after an altercation with a taxi driver

Reuben Pinder

‘Lord’ Bendtner will spend 50 days behind bars

Nicklas Bendtner has dropped his appeal against a 50 day prison sentence that he was handed after he assaulted a taxi driver in September.

The Public Prosecutor in Copenhagen today tweeted that a ‘case involving a footballer is counter-appealed by the prosecution service’, meaning that Bendtner’s attempt to avoid prison has failed.

The former Arsenal striker was arrested in September after a late-night altercation, allegedly over Bendtner and his girlfriend attempting to leave a taxi without paying the £5 fare after they became unhappy with the driver’s directions.

The taxi driver suffered a broken jaw after throwing an object towards the couple, for which he was fined and released.

Bendtner claimed he was acting in self-defence and denied the charges, before being handed the jail term and an 11,300 kroner (£1330) fine.

“I responded in self-defence,” the footballer said in court. “I was surprised by it, but I hit him in the head with my hand.

“I thought the driver would hurt me. As we confronted each other, we lifted our arms at the same time, and I hit him first.”
But after deciding to drop his appeal, the Rosenborg striker will now spend 50 days behind bars in his native Denmark.
Bendtner will reportedly serve the sentence under house arrest and wear an electronic tag.