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27th Mar 2016

“This ain’t f**king Ireland” – Nick Diaz slates Conor McGregor’s training for UFC 196

Kevin McGillicuddy

It’s not just Nate Diaz who has Conor McGregor in his sights.

The Stockton native comes as part of a double-package with his older brother Nick.

Both men are not only expert fighters, but are just as deadly with their sharp wit, and Conor McGregor has been on the receiving end of both in the last few weeks.

Nate Diaz is still recovering from his UFC 196 win over the Irishman. Now, ahead of a possible rematch between both men at UFC 200 this summer, Nick has slammed the 27-year’s old’s preparation for the recent fight.

McGregor decided to do much of his training for this month’s fight at SBG in Dublin and was captured at various intervals inside the cage with regular partner Artem Lobov.

Nick Diaz

However Nick Diaz, in a video on, feels that the standard of the men who McGregor was sparring with was much lower than the day-to-day action faced by Nick, and crucially, Nate at their training base in California.

“I’m just saying he’s (Nate) had top matches with some of the best f**king black belts in the world and you got the best f**king Irish guys over there they just wanted to start to do this,” he said.

“Everybody jumping on board because one Irish dude is going somewhere among all the Irish. This ain’t f**king Ireland – this is the best grapplers in the world you have here, sparring and working with the best boxers in the world and there ain’t no money behind to advertise our situation and never has been.

“There’s a lot of money going out into advertising McGregor, otherwise he wouldn’t a big superstar right now. And I’m talking before the Aldo fight.”

We wonder what John Kavanagh, Gunnar Nelson, Lobov, or even Conor McGregor himself would have to say about the quality of his training before UFC 196, and if there will be a change in emphasis for a possible rematch.