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24th Nov 2015

Neymar produced possibly the greatest touch of all time in Barcelona’s win over Roma…

Matt Stanger

There was much to swoon over in Barcelona’s 6-1 thrashing of Roma on Tuesday – from Lionel Messi scoring a sumptuous strike on his return to the starting line-up to some typically ruthless finishing from Luis Suarez.

But one moment in particular stood out as Neymar produced one of the greatest touches we’ve ever seen in the build-up to Messi’s second goal.

As a cross-field pass floated in his direction, the Brazilian flicked his right boot behind his standing left leg to collect the ball and immediately go on the attack.

It was rabona-esque in its execution, and only adds to the growing sense of feeling that Neymar has bridged the long-standing gap to Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo among the world’s elite players.

It still doesn’t make up for what he was wearing before kick-off, though.